Controlling the dimmer on a Toyota overhead display


switch assembly

Connectors and switch pre-wired


My idea of placing the switch in the sunglasses compartment did not work out as the switch component stuck out too far in the back, hitting the truck roof.  He also painted the switch gray to match the overhead console color.  Check it out:


Switch mounted next to accessory meter

Switch mounted next to accessory meter


Switch painted to match interior

Painted to match the interior


Email received with photos:

“Attached are two photos of the temp display switch I installed.  I ended up using a smaller switch from Radio Shack and painted it grey.  It is the type of switch that can be illuminated, but the kid at Radio Shack showed me how to ignore the leads that would illuminate the switch.  I installed it up next to the display.  I didn’t put the switch in the sunglass compartment as the back of the switch would extend far enough to be in conflict with the roof.  I don’t even notice the switch at this location after painting it with some gray model airplane paint.  After driving at night, I am glad we installed the switch.  Short trips on bright display aren’t a problem, but the glare gets old on longer night travels.”


For the DIY’er, see the below video for the wire you need to cut / splice the mod.  Understand that if you cut the dimmer wire, your display will be on permanent ‘bright’ (daylight) mode unless you install a switch.  Feel free to send me any pictures or ideas you have regarding this modification; I will be happy to post them.



Clipped wire for dimmer

View of clipped dimmer wire. Without a switch, this results in a permanent bright display.


View of connector (on display board, not truck)

View of connector. Three pins on top, five on the bottom.


View of dimmer pin

Click on the image to zoom; displays the dimmer pin. Isolate this wire from the bundle (double check your work)


Dimmer mod wire

Verify the dimmer wire: third from the left.

  •  As a third verification, you may note that the wire you cut corresponds with the dark green wire on the truck side connector.  I suspect this is common to all Tacomas.



Types of switches we use: push on/off and toggle.


  • Note that push on/off switches are ‘outies’;  small connectors must be attached to the wiring to be fed through the switch mount hole.  I generally use 3mm gold bullet connectors as they are strong and corrosion resistant.  If you decide to use this type of switch, just be aware you must either install connectors or solder the switch in place once mounted in the console.  This is not necessary with a toggle as they are ‘innies’ and can be hardwired prior to installation.
  • Be sure to give yourself a little extra wire; the last thing you want is to be .5″ short of where you want to mount the switch.  Also, double check to make sure the switch isn’t going to interfere with re-mounting the console…my initial idea of hiding it in the sunglass compartment doesn’t work because there isn’t sufficient space above.  (especially with push button switches).
  • Small switches like these can be found at radio shack or other electronics stores.  Don’t worry about electrical rating; any will work fine.  Size, quality, looks, and switch ‘feel’ are the important factors here.

Good luck, and feel free to send any installation pics / ideas / tips my way.


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