New pre-paid shipping options
If you are in the US, you can ship out your display to us without leaving the comfort of your home. For a grand total of $79.99, you will receive pre-paid round trip shipping materials and a full repair. We send out a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping box and bubble wrap to your door; all you have to do is box up your display, and drop it in your outgoing residential mail or local post office drop box and it is on it’s way. Save precious time…just select ‘USA Pre-paid shipping’ on our payment page. (US customers only, please)


Procedure for removing the roof console assembly (Tacoma):
Toyota Tacoma Console removal
1.)  Remove the screw inside the sunglasses compartment. (single Philips head screw)
2.) Disengage the 2 clips holding the console near the windshield. There are plastic hinging claws on the sunglasses end of the console, so you must to gently pull down on the end closest to the windshield where the two clips are.  Be careful, it can ‘pop’ out suddenly. Go slow and make sure you don’t yank out the wiring.  We aren’t responsible for damage to your truck or to you!
3.) Disconnect the accessory meter connector and map light power connector.
Optionally, you can then removed the 3 T10 size torx screws that hold the display screen (accessory meter) in, and remove it from the console so you will have a much smaller part to ship.

Download Printable removal instructions here (pdf)


Shipping instructions:

Be sure to include contact information with email, payment receipt or a business card in the box.  Sometimes the return address label isn’t legible, and we need a way to figure out who sent the repair.

Please make checks out to HJ Services.

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